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Host a Quick Play Rentals DVD Rental Kiosk

Quick Play Rentals DVD Kiosk

Why Host a Kiosk?

Quick Play Rentals is deploying kiosks at various locations, with our first in Fort St. John B.C. Once locations are approved a DVD rental kiosk will be installed and maintained by Quick Play Rentals. Weekly additions of the hottest new releases will be added to the machine. Your customers will appreciate the added convenience of being able to rent and return their movies while also picking up groceries, or their favorite beverages and snacks. Your store will benefit from increased traffic, resulting in additional in-store sales, as well as cross-promotional and advertising opportunities.

A Revolution in Self-Service Technology

Finally, the way that consumers rent movies has been revolutionized – the days of the giant rental stores are numbered. People today demand convenience. Just as ATMs have all but replaced bank tellers for daily deposits and withdrawals, DVD rental kiosks are set to replace traditional video stores for the rentals of new releases. New release rentals amount for nearly 90% of the revenue in a nearly $10 billion DVD rental market

Convenience is Key

Today's busy consumer will always try to minimize the number of stops when running errands. That is the reason why gas stations have added grocery essentials, like supermarkets offer pharmacy services, florists, and photo processing, and why convenience stores are now offering just about everything. Given the choice, customers will grab a movie without making an extra stop of their way home. Our DVD kiosks are the perfect fit for grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, apartment buildings and other venues that consumers visit on a regular basis.

Offer Only What is in Highest Demand

In a traditional video store nearly 90% of all movie rentals are new releases. Our DVD kiosks focus exclusively on this heavily rented, and highly profitable, section of new titles without the burden of having to carry a massive inventory of under producing older titles. The kiosk can even be set to manage its inventory automatically, selling off used DVDs as the movie's rental demand diminishes.

It's All about the Service: Your Authorized Quick Play Distributor

Quick Play approved distributors are trained in the operation of the cutting-edge Kiosks and equipment. Their movie specialists that will take care of every aspect of the business. They will take into account the rental trends of your location when ordering DVDs and provide customer service to DVD renters. Working with a Quick Play authorized distributor allows you to receive the many benefits from providing self-service DVD rentals without taking the focus off the core of your business.